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Defender Athletics

Warrior Run High School


Defender Athletics

Warrior Run High School

Defender Athletics

Warrior Run High School

Athletic Training Room

Athletic Trainer: Dylan Goodsell

Services of the Athletic Training Room

The training room is to be used for the care and prevention of student athletic injuries of that and visiting institution(s).  All taping and prophylactic treatment will be carried out at the training room by the certified athletic trainer (or any other certified professional assisting the schools certified athletic trainer) when ever possible.  All injury evaluations and treatments will be conducted in the training room when ever possible. Athletic trainer, coach, parent, athletic director, and/or student athlete conversations/meetings can be conducted in the athletic training room when the room is properly available and it is unanimously agreed upon that the room is needed for such a purpose at that time.


Rules of the Athletic Training Room

The training room will be recognized as a specific health care facility within the school and it will be given the respect and courtesy it deserves.  No food or drink will be brought into the training room by students or any other school staff without permission. The training room is not to be used as a cafeteria or a dining area.  No rough housing is allowed in the training room. No “group student meetings” will take place in the training room with out proper permission.  Any student meetings that take place in the training room will have the consent of the supervising certified athletic trainer.  No spikes, muddy shoes, or muddy clothes will be allowed in the athletic training room.  The training room will not be a storage area (i.e.: equipment) for other sports or other departments within the school.  Student athletes using the training room must come in wearing appropriate clothing. They shall wear no offensive clothing or use any improper language in the athletic training room. Students will conduct themselves in the training room with the same codes of conduct established within the schools rules and regulations. 


Appropriate Conduct for PROVIDING AND RECEIVING Athletic Training Services

All conversations and actions by the Certified Athletic Trainer will be in compliance with the P.A.T.S. Code of Ethics.

When a student athlete needs to be evaluated by the ATC, that ATC will explain how the evaluation will be conducted. The student athlete will learn what to expect, who will be present and appropriate outfit needed for the evaluation. After the evaluation, the student athlete will be instructed on the appropriate care that will be provided to treat the injury. Treatment, like the evaluation will include all previous mentioned expectations along with therapeutic techniques needed to treat the injury.

At any time during the evaluation, treatment, or ATC services either party becomes uncomfortable, all services will stop and the student athlete will be referred out to another type of clinician.

All evaluations, treatments and ATC services will be documented for all appropriate parties to review. 


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